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To care for creation and to serve the most vulnerable among us are mandates shared by all major religions. The accelerating climate crisis and the consequences of global warming are the most urgent and dangerous symptoms of a failure by people of faith to fulfill this universal mandate.

NC Interfaith Power & Light organizes and participates in local, regional and state-wide events including workshops, presentations, film screenings, media campaigns, and religious gatherings. We emphasize the interfaith nature of our work and the theological call to care for creation; support congregation-level actions reducing energy use through efficiency, conservation, renewable energy and food choices; achieve improved spiritual and physical health, justice, peace, and sustainability for future generations when responding creatively to climate change; and the importance of sharing success stories that can lead the way for others.

The work of NCIPL has never been more urgent. It is all too easy to sink into despair as the realities of climate change play out in the news and in our lives. Through the lens of faith, hope trumps despair, and our programs offer practical and meaningful ways to begin to act in faith with hope to repair, restore and reconcile our relationship with God and God’s creation.

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