Children’s Resources Added to Lectionary Year B


Children’s sermons are being added to the Council’s Year B lectionary resource, Acts of Faith. This was a challenging task as the topics of many of our units do not readily lend themselves to an entertaining children’s sermon. The resulting resource offers a way to communicate with children about very important social justice issues facing our congregations today. The sermons are created for six- to nine-year-olds with a focus on one verse of the focus text for the unit. The translation uses the Common English Bible. In addition to explaining the biblical verse,…

Changes Affecting Voting Rights Bulletin Insert

Photo by Flickr user: dbking

Because of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling, some information in the Council’s voter bulletin insert may no longer be applicable. As soon as there is a definitive ruling through the courts, we will post updated versions of the insert. If you have questions about whether information in bulletin inserts you have previously downloaded is still accurate, please call or e-mail the Council office, 919-828-6501 or On Oct. 1, a three-judge panel of the Fourth US Circuit Court of Appeals issued an injunction against two provisions in North Carolina’s new voting…

2014 Ecumenical Prayer Calendar

Christian Unity

This Prayer for Unity and monthly ecumenical prayer calendar include by name the judicatories and congregations that are members of the North Carolina Council of Churches and the names of their current leaders. Your prayers for reconciliation are invited for all Christian bodies in and beyond the state. Click here to download a PDF of the Prayer Calendar. A Prayer for Unity Holy One, whose love has been poured into our hearts through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit, and who by the power at work within us is able…

God With Us: A Social Justice Advent Guide for Families


Because the season of Advent is a time of awaiting the Christ child and the risen Christ, it is a perfect time to think about social justice issues. Christ’s ministry, which is explored in other seasons of the Christian year, focuses on lifting up those whom society regarded as worthless or weak, including the poor, the ill, the foreigner, women, and children. Social justice was at the core of Jesus’ ministry. Based on the Advent readings for Lectionary Year A, this guide will assist you in slowing down this season by taking 20-30 minutes one night a week to focus on social justice.

Voices of Moral Mondays: Testimonies of Faithfulness and Civil Disobedience

Voices of Moral Mondays

Sign up below to download this free e-book. We will send you the e-book and add you to our regular email list. We won’t share your email with anyone, and you can unsubscribe at any time. Or click here to download without signing up.   The NC Council of Churches is proud to publish this brand new collection of testimonies from Moral Mondays. With 32 short vignettes from North Carolinians across the state, Voices of Moral Mondays tells the story of everyday folks being motivated to speak out on account…

Bulletin Inserts on the Affordable Care Act


Download the bulletin insert: Color | Black & White Trouble printing? You may have to adjust PDF print settings in order to get a complete copy. Printing Instructions here. This fall marks the start of the biggest part of the Affordable Care Act, bringing hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians who have lived without health care closer to having coverage. The ACA, also known as “Obamacare,” is law — introduced in Congress in 2009, signed by President Obama in 2010, and upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2012. Among many people…

New Bulletin Inserts in Support of Immigration Reform


We’re proud to be publishing these brand new church bulletin inserts on comprehensive immigration reform. With large color pictures and up-to-date facts and figures, these 8.5×5.5 inserts explain where things stand with federal legislation and offer congregants many different ways to get involved.

Lessons in Liberty: A Guide to Religion and Constitutional Law in NC Schools


Click here to download now. The American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina, in partnership with the North Carolina Council of Churches, Action for Children-NC, The Covenant with North Carolina’s Children, NAACP-NC, the North Carolina Justice Center, and Southern Coalition for Social Justice, has created a new resource focused on the intersection of religion and North Carolina public schools. This free booklet is sponsored by the above organizations and intended for North Carolina public school officials and others who wish to learn about existing constitutional law related to various issues concerning religion and government in…

Lessons in Liberty: A Guide to Religion and Constitutional Law for NC Government


Click here to download now. The American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina, in partnership with the North Carolina Council of Churches, NAACP-NC, and Southern Coalition for Social Justice, has created a new resource focused on the intersection of religion and constitutional law. This free booklet is sponsored by the above organizations and intended for government officials in North Carolina and others who wish to learn about existing constitutional law related to various issues concerning religion and government throughout the state. Table Of Contents Religious Speech By Private Individuals Street Preaching Religious…

Energy Policy: Legislative Workshop by Fletcher Harper

Rev. Fletcher Harper on values-based messaging at the Legislative Seminar. Photo by Justin Hubbard.

This workshop on energy policy is also a continuation of Rev. Fletcher Harper’s plenary session (available here) at the 2013 Legislative Seminar. Harper is Executive Director of GreenFaith, a New Jersey-based non-profit committed to building environmental leadership among people of faith. He is also an Episcopal priest.

Agricultural Policy: Legislative Seminar Workshop by Scott Marlow


This workshop on agricultural policy, from our 2013 Legislative Seminar on April 11, covers a wide range of topics – from the US Farm Bill to fracking to the meaning of “local” and “sustainable” food. Scott Marlow led the workshop. Scott currently serves as Executive Director of the Rural Advancement Foundation International-USA (RAFI). His specialty is financial infrastructure, including access to credit and risk management for value-added producers. He previously directed RAFI’s Farm Sustainability program, providing in-depth financial counseling to farmers in crisis, education on disaster assistance programs and access to credit, and addressing the needs of mid-scale farmers who are increasing the sustainability of their farms by transitioning to higher-value specialty markets.

Legislative Process and Advocacy: Legislative Seminar Workshop

Rev. George Reed, Executive Director of the NC Council of Churches

Tune in as George Reed, our Executive Director here at the NC Council of Churches, explains the legislative process in North Carolina. How can “ordinary citizens” get involved? What strategies can we use to be as effective as possible? Listen as George crams 25 years of experience into one jam-packed hour.

Tax Reform: Legislative Seminar Workshop


Alexandra Forter Sirota (Director) and Cedric Johnson (Policy Analyst) from the NC Budget and Tax Center explain the debate about North Carolina’s tax system and offer a vision of a more progressive tax structure for the state. You can download and listen to the podcast above.

Implementing the Affordable Care Act: Legislative Seminar Workshop


Rev. Linda Walling, Executive Director at Faithful Reform in Health Care and Nicole Dozier, Assistant Project Director at the NC Health Access Coalition offered this compelling and insightful workshop on the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”) at our 2013 Legislative Seminar. You can download and listent the podcast above.

Voting Rights NC: Legislative Seminar Workshop

Blog Pic - Vote Button

The Council’s 2013 Legislative Seminar on April 11 featured a workshop about voting rights. It was provided by Bob Hall, executive director of Democracy North Carolina, a group that advocates for voting rights and for proper safeguards against the influence of self-serving special interests in the political system.

The debate over whether voters should have to show a photo ID has raged from state to state, with backers saying such IDs are needed to combat voter fraud.

Nobody wants to see even one vote cast illegally, and it’s true that most voters already have photo IDs. However, those who don’t have them tend to be among society’s vulnerable.