NCCC Eating Well Curriculum is a National Resource


If you haven’t had a chance to take a look at the Council’s curriculum, “Eating Well: For Ourselves, For Our Neighbors, For Our Planet,”  I urge you to do so. You will find food justice interwoven with all of the Council’s areas of work. You will see how eating well affects your body, environment, farmworkers, and even peaceful relations. And you will join the many folks across our nation who are on this journey. If you have participated in “Eating Well” and are looking for other such resources, the organizers of National Food Day have put…

Clergy Breakfasts on Immigration in October


This year, the NC Council of Churches is continuing its successful statewide series of “Clergy Breakfasts” on immigration. These events are geared towards busy religious professionals and faith leaders, and they provide an overview of immigration issues in the context of a great networking event (and free breakfast)! Below is the information for first two of five breakfasts that will be taking place across the state (more in the Western part of the state coming in November). This “clergy breakfast” series on immigration revolves around sharing a meal together and hearing from knowledgeable people…

An Election-Year Call to Faith Leaders


Our time to choose North Carolina’s 2014 general election will be held on Tuesday, November 4. Although this is an “off-year” election, without contests for president or governor, many important races will be decided. The state’s voters will choose one of their two U.S. senators and all 13 of their representatives in Congress. Several seats on the state’s two highest courts will be filled, as will every seat in the General Assembly – 50 in the Senate and 120 in the House. Counties will choose commissioners who make decisions about…

2014 Faith & Health Summit: Calling All Volunteers

Joyful Noise

The NC Council of Churches’ 2014 Faith and Health Summit is now less than a month away, and we are delighted to have people of faith, public health professionals, faith and health experts, and other community members from all across the state joining us. The event will be held on Friday, October 10 at Ardmore Baptist Church in Winston-Salem. If you have not yet registered to attend, please do so today!  Click here to complete your registration by the September 29 deadline. We are also in need of volunteers to…

Healthy Eating Equipment Grants Are Cooking Up Thanks


Partners in Health and Wholeness and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina Foundation partnered together to offer twenty churches Healthy Eating Equipment Grants. These churches received up to $5,000 to buy equipment that will help them provide healthy food options within their places of worship. Church of God of Prophecy of Morven and St. James Baptist in Greensboro, offered letters from individuals about how this equipment has fostered a healthier worship environment. A 13-year-old church member from Morven wrote, “I am so appreciative and hope that this program will…

Corporations Model Taking Steps Toward Health


There are some exciting advances happening in the world of public health, and these are in the form of policies created by major corporations.  Although it is right to hold corporations accountable when they are not doing justly, we can also celebrate when they take steps in the right direction. After all, they have vast reach that can impact millions of people. They can also create standards for other businesses and agencies to follow. And for truly healthy communities, we all need to be contributing — schools, faith communities, government, businesses,…

George Reed to Retire

George at HKonJ

North Carolina Council of Churches Executive Director George Reed has announced that he will retire at the end of June, 2015. George informed the Governing Board of his decision at their regular meeting on September 9. At the time of his retirement, George will have been Executive Director for 15 years and have been employed by the Council for 18 years. Speaking to the Board on Tuesday, George said, “While I look forward to retirement – to spending more time in my garden/orchard/berry patch; reading entire books, not just thousands…

The Right Step At Home—A New Fitness Guide


Forget the yoga mats and fitness tapes, and step your way to health in your home, while using less toxic products. I enjoy the work of Partners in Health and Wholeness and I get excited about how we are connected to all the other programs at the Council. I appreciate even more when we can combine our programs in unique ways. Here is an idea that combines PHW and NCIPL–walking and reducing the toxic materials used in the home. I have always loved walking but love it even more when I walk and multi-task,…

American Eating Habits

Supermarket Karts

A 12-year study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health found that Americans improved their eating habits slightly over the years, but that was not the case for America’s poor. Harvard assigned individuals different scores based on their food choices, creating a healthy diet index. A perfect score was 110 and reflected a higher consumption of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats. U.S. adults who took part in the study averaged about 40 points from 1999-2000, improving their score by 7 points from 2009-10. However, the scores…

Peace In Music

Sojourner's Jim Wallis and NCCC's David LaMotte

As a teenage girl, pop culture, especially music, is seemingly everything. As a teenage girl growing up in the Presbyterian Church, David LaMotte was the epitome of cool. I was introduced to his music while attending Montreat Youth Conference in the mountains of North Carolina and I was lucky enough to see him perform three times before he left his music career to study peace and conflict resolution. I remember him taking the time to talk with the audience at his concerts about the ups and downs in life and the treatment…

Natural Oral Health Tips That Can Even Help Your Heart


By taking care of your teeth, you can gain a beautiful smile, fewer cavities, fresh breath, and possibly, according to increasing scientific evidence, better heart functioning…did I surprise you with that one? Yes, it is true. Although the medical community isn’t quite firm on the link, there is agreement that there is evidence tying the two together. When we read in Jeremiah 30:17, “For I will restore health unto you, and I will heal you of your wounds, saith the Lord,” our assurance is that the Lord cares about our…

Blessed in the Small Things


The Bible states in Zechariah 4:10, “Do not despise the day of small things.” I have been constantly reminded of that verse lately. I saw it on Facebook, then I heard it in a sermon, and lastly, it was a daily verse on my phone. When I witness a recurring theme such as this, I wonder, Lord are you trying to tell me something? So I began to examine my life, thinking of my current situation and how I had to take an early retirement from a successful career to return to…

PHW Success Story – Savannah Missionary Baptist, Fayetteville

Tobacco Free Campus

Savannah Missionary Baptist Church is committed to developing a holistic ministry. For the past six years our congregation has made a concerted effort to improve the health of our members and reach out to the community. We have declared our campus Tobacco Free and have posted signs on church grounds. We also have a bulletin board with flyers, brochures and health announcements. Savannah Missionary Baptist is currently seeking participants to join our Biggest Weight Loser Challenge, a program for participants to lose weight collectively. We have even added lockers and…

The 5K Challenge


When most people think of 5K, they think of running. Well, this time, not so much. This 5K challenge has to do with raising awareness of health and faith through driving. And, there is another hiccup. A 5K stands for 5 kilometers or 3.1 miles. However, I really mean 5,000 miles. Not correct in any sense, but c’mon, does it really sound cool to say, 5,000 miles? Or 8,046.72 kilometers? So, my challenge is to log in 5,000 miles training, speaking, teaching, and sharing on matters of health and faith. This…

Observing the Labor Sabbath This Weekend

Immigrant farmworkers picking sweet potato

As Labor Day weekend quickly approaches, many people are thinking about beaches and barbeques. Amy Laura Hall, however, wants people to be thinking about something different: labor unions. Hall, a professor at Duke Divinity School, is calling for congregations to observe a Labor Sabbath this Friday, Saturday or Sunday prior to Labor Day, during which time the words “labor union” are to be mentioned in a sermon, song or prayer. The effort stems from a similar endeavor by Interfaith Worker Justice in Chicago, which invited clergy to speak about unions from the pulpit….


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