Wild Goose Festival a Great Success

The Wild Goose has flown, at least for the 2011 season.

The overwhelming consensus among attendees of the inaugural Wild Goose Festival is that it was quite a successful experiment.  People traveled from as far away as Scotland and New Zealand to be part of the event, and presenters ranging from Vincent Harding to Jim Wallis, musicians from Michelle Shocked to Beth Nielsen Chapman—each contributed their own sparks to the thousands of spontaneous and rich conversations that arose between the roughly 1500 people who gathered in Silk Hope, North Carolina this weekend.

Sojourner's Jim Wallis and NCCC's David LaMotte

There was also wide consensus on the question of whether the Wild Goose Festival should be repeated next year.  Keep an eye on the horizon for the Wild Goose Festival 2012.

– David LaMotte, Program Associate for Peace


David LaMotte, Consultant for Peace David LaMotte, Consultant for Peace


  1. Priscilla B. Durkin says:

    Please do this again next year and publish the dates as soon as possible. I have heard several rave reviews of the event. Thanks to all the organizers!

  2. I am so sorry I couldn’t attend any of the Wild Goose events. I’ve been trying to find help for the extreme pain of my back problems, including a pinched nerve. Even now, as I have been getting good medications for the pain, I’m not up to a lot of standing or walking or other activities involved in attending such events as the Festival.
    So I hated missing the wonderful programs presented, and hope that even at my age I will be physically able to take part in the Festival that I am hoping will be held again next year!

  3. William L. Bingham says:

    It occurred to me that in the three years that a person spends in seminary preparing to serve the church, one would not likely be able to see, hear and touch the wide array of distinguished presenters as were gathered at Wild Goose. And that was only part of the experience. The many groups that shared their ministry efforts locally, nationally, and globally through their small tents or canopies around the edges were a great enlightenment to so many others.
    Thank you deeply to all the organizers. Let’s do it again; though at 77 years, I could not take in all that I wished I could I noticed several of my age peers such as Don and Peggy Shriver, and the dynamic Phillys Tickle trying to do just that.

  4. David and NC Council,
    I am glad to hear the good news about the Wild Goose. I hope I can attend next year.
    Thanks for following Jesus and promoting a gospel of peace, justice and joy.
    love, Laura Spangler


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