Clergy Lunch on Immigration – Durham

This year, the NC Council of Churches is continuing its successful statewide series of “Clergy Lunches” on immigration. These events are geared towards busy religious professionals and faith leaders, and they provide an overview of immigration issues in the context of a great networking event (and free lunch!).  To date, over 450 NC clergy and faith leaders have participated in this series.

Event Details:
Tuesday, July 26, 2011
Duke Divinity School
Durham, NC

Ismael Ruiz-Millán, Director, Hispanic House of Studies at Duke Divinity School

Click here to download an event flyer.

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  1. Rod Gerwe says

    Re: Letter to Herald-Sun, Aug. 28, 2013 by Chris Liu-Beers on immigration reform:
    I am in favor of immigration reform, and have no bias against immigrants with respect to country of origin, ethnicity, etc. I do have the following beliefs, however: The United States already has immigration laws, and already has a path to citizenship for those that apply. The United States has the right to prioritize among those people who wish to immigrate or become citizens, based on skills, education and other factors. The United States is under no obligation to allow everyone citizenship or permanent residence in the U.S. Many people have become residents of the U.S. legally through proper procedures, and many people have gained citizenship legally. The term you use, “undocumented immigrants” is largely a euphemism for “illegal immigrants.” Such people have entered the country illegally. Such people do not have rights as do U.S. citizens. Immigration reform should not grant special favors and expedite paths to citizenship for illegal immigrants. These immigrants should follow a course laid out by law just as other, legal immigrants have done.

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